The Mysterious World Of Extraordinary Dreamers

The Tanglemind Chronicles


The Hidden World Of Tozzy Tyler


Donald Harry Roberts


Tozzy Tyler was blind. This was confirmed by four eye doctors. Tozzy on the other hand said he wasn’t blind. He could see just fine and one day he tried to describe what he saw and too late realized it was a mistake. Now, not only did everyone think he was blind but they took him to a child psychologist who diagnosed him as being Schizophrenic as well and that, after further testing and assessment landed Tozzy in the care of an institute for the mentally impaired because all those knowledgeable and wise adults decided he could be a danger to himself and others if not under the constant watch of professional care givers for the mentally handicapped. And this, by the way, to great sorrows, was a cherished relief to Mr. and Mrs. Tyler who had neither the time, inclination, nor patience to deal with a mentally ill, handicapped child.

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